Apple Rock Wins An Exhibitor2012 Buyers Choice Award

Apple Rock is extremely excited to announce that they have been awarded the Exhibitor2012 Buyers Choice Award for their new ADAPT Interactive Lead Generation Touch Screen Counter. Only Six companies have earned a Buyers Choice Award for the excellence of their new products at EXHIBITOR2012, which meets through March 7th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas.

In 2010 Apple Rock was honored with the Best New Exhibitor Award for their first time showing at the Exhibitor2010 Show. "We are thrilled to be back this year, for our third year, and bring this new technology to our biggest show of the year", says Eric Burg, CEO Apple Rock Displays.

The new ADAPT Counter is the newest addition to Apple Rock's very own ADAPT custom line of products. Burg adds, "The new ADAPT Counter allows multiple visitors to engage with the various applications available on the counter, and interact with each other." The patented technology is like an iPad on steroids, with a 32-inch screen that can convert into four independent touchscreen stations. Similar to an iPad, the ADAPT Counter can hold all kinds of downloadable data, from product information and photos, to consumer-survey forms; and with an added Internet connection, users can access social media and other Web-based resources. Using a camera application, photos taken in the booth can be sent to attendees. The ADAPT Counter also allows you to "throw" information or photos up onto a secondary screen like magic.

If you want to learn more about our new ADAPT counter and how you can generate more leads, capture your audience's attention, while increasing your overall ROI - contact Apple Rock at 1.800.478.2324.

Exhibitor2012 Buyer's Choice AwardExhibitor2012 Buyer's Choice Award