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What’s In a Mobile Marketing Tour?

When you think about Mobile Marketing, I bet the first thing that pops into your mind has something to do with technology. Well you can use technology for Mobile Marketing, but here, we’re talking about multiple events that happen in multiple cities or states, a tour. A Mobile Marketing Tour is a series of events for a specific demographic of customers to present new products, products that are specific to them or simply to appreciate their business.

Interactive Technology Redefines “Interact” at Trade Shows

Interactive technology can be seen any in every facet of life in today’s rapidly changing, high tech world. However, this has not always been the case. Interactive technology started as a way to teach people, without them knowing they were actually learning. It has now taken on a life of its own, in fact 38 percent of Americans own a touch based tablet, according to the Pew Center for Research. Interactive technology has evolved into a fun activity aimed at engaging people in a variety ways while conveying a message. On the trade show floor, that message is all about brand.

Apple Rock Displays’ EXHIBITOR2014 Experience

Apple Rock Displays recently attended the EXHIBITOR2014 trade show, in Las Vegas on March 17-19, 2014. This show is North America’s largest exhibition of trade show products and services. Our company was among many other exhibit design houses demonstrating the latest trends in trade show booth design. The best of the best companies, in the industry come here to showcase new designs, products and ideas.

The Secret to Increasing Your Closing Ratio with Qualified Leads

As a start to dive into the Leads Champ educational series, it is important to define what being a leads champ means to your organization. In the last segment, we clarified the meaning of a qualified lead. Even though a qualified lead can mean different things to various organizations, the key is to define and measure the success of each event by a direct year over year comparison.

Trade Show Qualified Leads - Our Definition and How to get More

Take away all the noise behind lead generation and boil it down to what is most important to the everyday company, it all comes down to sales. Regardless of the media you use whether it be digital, broadcast, print, billboards, etc. the main question to ask yourself is “Does the spend match the sales return within a given period?”.

Be a Qualified Leads Champion at Your Next Trade Show

Qualified leads champions are shining stars on the trade show floor. They stand out as leaders in their industry. They can boost the number of meaningful engagements at the show, increase sales and appointments all while decreasing the overall cost per lead. These people are often praised by their bosses for a fantastic return on investment from their face to face marketing event. You too, can be on your way to becoming a qualified leads champion.

Driving Traffic Through Exhibit Design

Trade Show Exhibits are multi-layered environments consisting of architecture, functionality of the space, visual appeal, lighting and smell. These layers coincide with a person’s natural senses. In order to attract the desired demographic and prospect to your booth all the senses or layers must be addressed individually then as a whole in the design phase.


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