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A Positive Attitude = Trade Show Success

Trade Show Staff Training
Exhibitors that have planned ahead for the show and communicated those plans clearly with their employees are more likely to keep a positive attitude. When employees face the inevitable challenges during move-in, if they have a clear plan and solid communication about the process, they are less likely to have their attitude sour when something goes wrong. Event managers should be available at all times to engage when this happens.

Feel This! The Naked Truth About Fabric Graphics

Fabric back wall with custom handing signs.  Designed by Apple Rock, manufactured by Optima Graphics.
This month Apple Rock is focusing on the importance of graphics for trade show exhibits or even corporate spaces. We have invited some of our valuable partners to share their wisdom with our audience. Join us while we explore the naked truth about fabric graphics with our partner Optima Graphics, one of the leading graphic vendors in the industry.

Trade Show Display Building Process- The Apple Rock Promise

We don’t just build amazing displays though. The expert staff at Apple Rock will be by your side from beginning to end using our vast knowledge to help your company create the best possible trade show program. We have the ability to provide marketing and promotional support, supply any needed audio/visual equipment, assist with staffing and more. So our promise to you is that we will continue providing you with great service, exceptional products, and useful information to help your company successfully build its brand year after year.

Adding Dimensional Branding to Any Corporate Space

Krispy Kreme Corporate Lobby
The physical space your company uses daily to conduct business is an extremely visual element of the branding puzzle that we as marketers are always trying to piece together. That space should be used as an influential billboard of sort to communicate your brand identity and create and experience for all who enter. The goal of environmental branding is for consumers to be able to draw a connection from your physical space to your product and back. A good way to achieve this task is to use dimensional branding in your retail store or corporate headquarters that truly speak to your current marketing campaign.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions: Sales Edition

We aim to help our customers become successful in the face-to-face marketing industry, knowing full well that knowledge is the key to this. The more you know, the more prepared you are to make the best decisions for your company and trade show program. In the initial phase of the quoting process, our sales people are asked a few of the same questions often, so we thought it may be good to go ahead and answer some of those for you.


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