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A Guide to Exhibiting at the National Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition

The National Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAA2014) will be held October 21-23, 2014 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This event is the premier opportunity for aircraft purchase decision makers, entrepreneurs and other business leaders to meet and conduct business while discussing current trends involving the use of aircraft for business purposes. It is the seventh largest trade show in the United States, according to TSNN featuring more than 1,000 exhibitors. Whether you are exhibiting or attending the show this year, or simply considering participating in the future, continue reading to learn all about the show and the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC).

How to Select the Right Exhibit Design House Partner for Your Next Trade Show

There are certain characteristics you should look for to ensure the selected trade show partner will meet your needs throughout the process of designing, building and displaying your brand at the next trade show. First, you want an exceptional company who can not only design and build your exhibit, but one that offers full support within the many other facets of a trade show, such as booth staffing, pre-show marketing, public relations support, measuring ROI and much more.

What is a General Session and Why You Should Attend

A general session is a major part of all trade shows and conferences. These meetings are usually held on opening day at traditional trade shows, but breakout sessions are also held throughout the duration of the trade show or conference focusing on topics relevant to the industry. At conferences, general sessions play a major role in the educational process. A general sessions is also known as a plenary session, or a large meeting attended by trade show participants. These large meetings typically define the theme of the conference or trade show, while getting people excited about the event.

A Case Study: Using Interactive Technology in Unusual Places

Have you ever thought of all the different ways and venues you can use interactive technology, such as touchscreen tables, kiosks, iPads and more? People don’t normally think about using interactive technology to engage the public in places like airports or lobbies, but why not? These venues are known for waiting. People wait to get on the plane, wait for their meeting or simply wait in line for services. They have the time, so why not engage them with your products and services while spreading brand awareness in an innovative way.

Top Trade Show Entertainment Ideas

The goal for your trade show may be to generate more qualified leads, increase sales, or boost brand awareness. In order to achieve any of these goals, enticing attendees to visit your booth is a must. Hiring booth entertainment is a great way to increase foot traffic. As a leader in the face-to-face event marketing industry, we have seen all types of hired entertainment. Thinking outside the box and being original is the best way to attract visitors.

Tips for Preparing to Exhibit in Las Vegas

There are literally thousands of trade shows and conventions held in Las Vegas every year. In fact, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority there were 22,027 in 2013. Exhibiting at a trade show in Sin City is demanding and stressful, especially for first timers. The most important thing you can do before exhibiting in Las Vegas is research the area. What amenities does your hotel offer? Will you be running the booth alone? Who are your neighbors on the show floor? How far is your hotel room from the venue? Knowing the answers to these questions before arriving in Las Vegas will be extremely beneficial.

How One Trade Show Exhibitor Transformed Sales With a Booth Overhaul: The BJB Electric Success Story

Have you ever wondered what updating your booth would do for your sales or the number of leads generated? Will the new design increase brand awareness or earn your company a stronger foothold within the industry? These are questions often faced when trying to decide if you want to refurbish an old booth or design a completely new one for your company’s next trade show. BJB Lighting recently changed their booth, after using the same design for years and their results were amazing.

What makes a trade show booth effective: Examples from some of our best exhibits

Having an effective exhibit design is one of the most important things your company can do for your next trade show. It’s imperative that your exhibit design reflects your company’s goals and objectives for the show. An effective booth also commands attention while being inviting and informative. Take a look at a few of our most effective designs.


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