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Introducing the POWER UP! Display Experience

The POWER UP! Display Experience is sold in 5 different levels of awesome. Designed with you in mind, our newest addition to the ADAPT product line has many beneficial features that will ultimately empower your company on the trade show floor while increasing efficacy with our simple to install, light weight design. These 10x10 displays are created to fit into one custom made rollable fiber case for easy portability. However, you can turn your 10x10 display into a 10x20 display effortlessly. The best thing about our new display option is that the graphics and technology are remarkably customizable. The display is comprised of simple extrusion frames and fabric graphics, meaning you can truly personalize the design to reflect your brand. The ability to add innovative technology allows you to digitally share your company’s story with ease.

Outdoor Marketing Events versus Traditional Trade Shows

Outdoor marketing encompasses stand-alone kiosks or temporary structures like you would see on a trade show floor. It also consists of more conventional methods such as billboards, transit advertising on buses or logoed vehicles and any kind of outdoor signage. There are several different types of outdoor events in which people, such as sporting events, corporate sponsorships, like races and golf tournaments, concerts, consumer shows like RV or boat shows, public fairs and festivals and then the road shows your company creates. Road shows are a type of outdoor marketing that host events in different cities or venues in a specified amount of time.

Tips for Hosting Great Demonstrations on the Trade Show Floor

Live product demonstrations are a powerful way to engage an audience at a show and can help you stand out from your competition. As they say "Seeing is believing", so demonstrating the unique features of your product can help you convince a customer to buy your product, therefore increasing your closing ratio and ROI during the trade show.

Tips for Networking at aTrade Show

The ultimate goal of networking is to establish and build relationships, not selling or playing a business card trading game. If you take the time to cultivate these relationships, these people will remember you if they are in need the goods and services your company offers. Networking is a great way to meet new people in your industry, whether they are new vendors, potential clients or just great new contacts to have. Although, these are just a few tips in mastering the art of networking, this is a great place to start on the road to becoming a qualified #leadschamp.

The Role of Integrated Marketing in Trade Shows and Conferences

Exhibiting in trade shows can be very rewarding and profitable for your company. It’s imperative that you look at this face-to-face event as part of your already established marketing campaign. Delivering the same message across multiple outlets is the best way to establish your brand and build awareness with prospects. Although trade shows only last a few days, if your company uses consistent branding before, during and after, every time someone sees an ad for your company, they will remember the event. Sticking with current brand initiatives will not only make your job, as the event manager, easier but will put you on the path to becoming the qualified #leadschamp for your organization.

The Role of Social Media at Your Trade Show or Conference

First, focus on building brand awareness, before the show. It’s important to have a strategy beforehand, the key a successful social media campaign is planning. Potential customers need to know what products and services your company offers before, during, at and after the event. Providing this information on a highly used medium through well thought out posts, will entice consumers to remember your brand, making them more likely to purchase your product or services.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Exhibit

Now, although these are not new ideas and have been done by almost every exhibiting company in the world, the whole idea is to create a memorial experience for trade show attendees. You have to be different to stand out. Building traffic is good but not enough to transform those qualified leads into sales. You must put your own spin on these simple concepts, giving potential customers a reason to stop by your booth and engage with your staff.

Promoting and Marketing your Trade Show Exhibit

This fact makes preshow marketing one of the most important aspects of successful exhibiting. Communicating about your company’s participation in a particular show is the only way attendees will know that your company is there, ultimately generating more qualified leads and increasing the ROI. Here are several ways you can increase your visibility on the trade show floor, before you even arrive.

Audience Interest Factor: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

The AIF is the percent of total attendees that have an interest in certain products or services like the ones your company offers. The greater the AIF index the easier it will be to attract show attendees to your exhibit to interact with them. The AIF index is typically provided by a third-party, independent auditor of your show. They calculate this number by sending out surveys simply asking which products and services they are attending the show for, specifically.


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