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How To Create A Themed Trade Show Exhibit That Is Not Cliche'

Standing out from the crowd on a trade show floor is extremely important in order to meet all of the goals and objectives that were set for your face-to-face marketing event and it’s getting harder to do. Creating a memorable experience for the trade show attendee is something every exhibitor should try to accomplish because if the client remembers your company, that will increase your sales and leads, catapulting you into the position of a qualified #leadschamp.

Should I Rent or Purchase my Exhibit?

The question of renting trade show exhibits versus purchasing them, is one that has been around for a long time. Many first time exhibitors and seasoned trade show veterans battle between renting and purchasing their booths often. This can be a difficult decision, especially when you take into account all the other expenses involved in exhibiting in trade show, such as shipping, install, drayage and more. There are some benefits to both, but the real deciding factor is how many trade shows will this exhibit be at over the course of one year. The rule of thumb here is, if you will use the same exhibit three or more times in one year, you should purchase. However, there are additional costs to take into account when purchasing an exhibit, like storage and fixing any damages that may occur. Let’s weigh the benefits of both to help you come to a strategic answer.

What's Your Trade Show Exhibit Style?

Choosing the right exhibit is an important step in becoming the qualified #leadschamp in your company. You must keep your goals, objectives and budget in mind in order to get the best return on your marketing investment. If you still have questions about what exhibit is right for your company, contact us today to see how the experienced staff at Apple Rock can help. We can even schedule a visit to our showroom, to give you a more hands-on look at common exhibit structures.

Determining the Ideal Size for Your Exhibit

The more that is happening in your booth the larger your booth will need to be. Bigger booths do tend to have a considerable impact, but they also come with a larger price tag. The bottom line is your exhibit should have a good ROI, which means bigger is not always better. You can become a qualified #leadschamp in any size booth, as long as you keep the exhibit goals and objectives in mind throughout the entire planning process.

What is the Best Location for Your Exhibit?

Typically floor space is given based on seniority points, therefore the companies that attend year after year, get their choice of premium spots first. This commonly used points system also rewards companies that purchase advertising in show books or donate to their foundations. As a first time exhibitor, the earlier you register the better your choices on exhibit space, just keep the points system in mind as you continue exhibiting with the same show. While location is important, it is only one factor in selecting the ideal booth location. The space you get also depends on the size and type of booth you have. When picking a space, you want to keep foot traffic in mind. The best spaces are closest to the main entrance, and corner spaces, but because they are premium spots they come with a higher price tag.

Best Trade Shows of 2015

There are literally thousands of trade shows each year in the United States alone. It can be difficult to decide which show will be best for your company to exhibit at. There are a few important points to think through (link to strategically choosing a trade show) before deciding where to exhibit, such as does the show have a good attendance history and are your products and services a fit for this particular show? Does your target audience attend or exhibit at the show? Are you trying to break into a new industry?

Enhancing Retail Spaces with Custom Counters and Kiosks

You can utilize custom-made counters and kiosks in any retail environment to showcase products, entertain, or inform. Having customized counters and kiosks allows you, the retailer, to capture the trust and build brand loyalty with new and current customers, alike. Plus, they add to the overall look and feel of your retail store. There are tons of options when it comes creating one-of-a-kind merchandise counters and kiosks only limited by your imagination. Contact us today, to see how Apple Rock can help you build a better retail environment.

Using Hanging Structures in Corporate and Retail Enviroments

Hanging structures can be utilized in many different ways to bring make your brand fly higher. Although, they are still a great way to attract attention on the trade show floor hanging signs, aerial light boxes or life-size specialty items really make your branded environment stand out from your competitors. Here at Apple Rock, we are not only trade show display experts, we use the lessons learned in the trade show industry to create eye catching branded spaces that will resonate well with your customers.

Building Custom Furniture to Fit Your Corporate Space

Incorporating custom furniture allows your company to provide a brand-rich experience to any who comes into your establishment. Whether you are looking to up-fit a corporate or retail space, Apple Rock Displays has the skill set and resources to help you achieve all of your design objectives. We will work with you, your architect and or designer to create a cohesive experience to really leave a lasting impression on everyone that walks through your door.


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