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We Stop to Reflect and Share Our Thanks

Thanksgiving is the time of year where people pause for a moment, and reflect on what they are thankful for. We at Apple Rock followed suit and some of our employees shared what they like best about Apple Rock and what they are thankful for - fun job, hard working teams, good customers, and so much more. Here are a few quotes from the employees at Apple Rock.

Holiday Gifts

As the leaves start falling and the days become shorter, it’s clear that the holidays are quickly approaching. While you are always thankful for your clients, it’s a nice gesture to send along something to show your appreciation as the year winds down. Sending a special gift can leave a lasting impression that can solidify your relationship.

Sales Process On The Show Floor

The trade show floor offers a prime opportunity to meet a prospective client and sell – all within the confines of the convention hall. The selling process, therefore, may be quite different from the one your sales teams utilizes in their everyday lives. No voicemails, conference calls, scheduled meetings, e-mails. On the show floor, you can provide (and receive) personal attention, often shortening the sales process.

Apple Rock Awarded Top Platinum and Gold MarCom Awards

Apple Rock Advertising and Promotion, Inc. (Apple Rock) announced it was presented with three Marcom Awards in the category of Trade Show Exhibit for 2015. The company won the highest honor, a Platinum award, for a custom built 60x70 display for Vecoplan. Two Gold awards were earned in the same category for custom rental designs for both Biesse America and Bermuda Sands Apparel. This is the 4th consecutive year that Apple Rock has won multiple MarCom awards for their trade show display designs, making Apple Rock stand out as a true industry leader.

The Early Steps for Trade Show Planning

Whether you do one event a year or 20 , proper planning is critical. Planning ahead and following a schedule of deadlines and logistical details will keep you on track and alleviate unnecessary stress. One of the most important things we help our clients with is creating an outline and plan for their event(s). So we’ve put together a high level outline for you of what should be completed in the 6 to 12 months leading up to the event so you don’t get overwhelmed and can manage what needs to be completed and when.

Buying Your Next Exhibit - How to Make Sure You Don’t Get Low-Balled

When you are in the market for a new exhibit, you will find the options can be endless and the prices will vary. With the ability to customize your exhibit, it’s a little harder to compare apples to apples since the apples (exhibits) are not necessarily the same. What you can do, however, is review exactly what is being offered to ensure you are getting the quality you are expecting at a fair price. A few things to consider are…

Interactive Technology and Better Engaging Relationships

What is Interactive Technology? Interactive technology can take many different forms these days. It ranges from Social Media, and responsive websites, to touch screen technology and Google goggles with 3D graphical renderings through cellular and optical technology. Interactive technology not only gives you great data following your show, it gives your show attendees something exciting and fun to talk about at the show.

DEB's Custom Rental Exhibit at ISSA

Customized rentals are a real thing. Not many display houses are willing to go that extra mile and build a custom display for a client that is not going to buy it. Apple Rock does! No one wants to show up at their biggest show, or even their smaller regional shows, looking just like everyone else. Customized rentals offer so many benefits and flexibility and our clients love the idea.

Trade Show Overages and Ways to Minimize Them

As an Event Planner, your goal is to put on a hugely successful event while staying within (or under) budget. On the trade show floor there can be things that happen that push you over your expected spend. While it is suggested to budget about five to ten percent over the anticipated expenses in order to account for these type of add-ons, some can exceed this extra padding. To help you stay on budget and be aware of the possible costs, we want to share with you the typical show floor overages to watch for and ways to minimize them.


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