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Is Interior Design an Important element for Corporate Branded Spaces?

Why is interior design so important to the effectiveness of your branded space? Those answers are simple, your branded environment should not only tell a story, but it should also be comfortable and functional. There are a few components to interior design that have a tremendous impact on the how the space will be perceived.

Best Practices for Trade Show Booth and Exhibit Graphic Design

Apple Rock has a full-service design department that can work with you or your ad agency to quickly eliminate many pain points associated with converting traditional ads into large format graphics. We want to make sure your exhibit graphics are bold and creative, really standing out with clever designs and attention grabbing colors.

Manufacturing & Setup for Agencies for Trade Show and Conference Booth Design

How does your established corporate identity translate into the graphics, 3D forms and interactive elements necessary to draw the attention of attendees to your exhibit on the trade show floor? Your marketing and design team may have a vision, even a tight design, but the implementation of that vision is no small feat. Apple Rock can be the partner that helps brings that vision to life.

Available November 1st, inTouch Trade Show iPad App Update with Built-In Lead Generation

The inTouch iPad app is a powerful sales tool that houses all your marketing materials in one intuitive interface. With the inTouch iPad app, you can better interact with show attendees and showcase your business products and services in the palm of your hand. November1st, the inTouchPad 2.0 update will be available, featuring the added ability to scan badges and collect leads real time!

Why Hire a Full Service Trade Show Supervisor

Here at Apple Rock, we always say that planning is the key to hosting a successful face-to-face marketing event, and while this is true, you will also find that there can be lots of unknown varibles on the trade show floor, especially when a show is in full swing. The best way to combat these scary surprises is to hire a full service trade show supervisor for your exhibit.

Common Challenges with Self Installing Trade Show AV Equipment

Unless you are hiring a professional AV company, like PSAV, you might want to know the tricks to installing any kind of basic AV equipment. For example, do you know the output difference between VGA and HDMI? Wi-Fi is a great option at home or in the office, but is it really the best option for your internet needs at the show?

How to Strategically Schedule the Electrical and Internet for Your Booth Install

Exhibit electricity is an important detail that should be strategically planned to ensure your exhibit will function properly throughout the show. Typically, having your electrical outlets and internet cables run is the first thing that should happen when you arrive on-site. Occasionally, the electricians will run your power and internet before you arrive; however it maybe in your best interest to supervise the install, all you have to do is request it. It’s important to have all your electrical and internet cables run before the larger booth components arrive for install. Having the electricity installed before you put down the carpet or flooring is critical and often a mistake first-timers make. As an added benefit, it allows you to you neatly hide potential trip hazards neatly under the flooring.

How to Avoid Surprise Drayage Charges on Trade Show Shipping

Drayage is a term used in the trade show industry for material handling. Simply put, you pay for the show decorators to move your freight (all the pieces of your exhibit) from the loading dock to your assigned space. Generally the cost is determined by every 100 pounds of freight, but the total price depends on the city and venue your show is in. We know it can be expensive, so we would like to share some tips on how to save money while avoiding surprise drayage charges.

Why Shipping Booths to Advance Warehouse Saves Money Over Direct Conference and Trade Show Shipping

There are two ways to get your exhibit to the venue. Shipping directly to the show or shipping to advance warehouse. Advance warehousing is simply temporary staging in a designated warehouse where your exhibit can be stored. Advance warehouses are show specific and generally start accepting shipments up to 30 days in before the show opens and stop 7 days before target install dates.


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