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Trade Show Display Building Process- The Apple Rock Promise

We don’t just build amazing displays though. The expert staff at Apple Rock will be by your side from beginning to end using our vast knowledge to help your company create the best possible trade show program. We have the ability to provide marketing and promotional support, supply any needed audio/visual equipment, assist with staffing and more. So our promise to you is that we will continue providing you with great service, exceptional products, and useful information to help your company successfully build its brand year after year.

Adding Dimensional Branding to Any Corporate Space

The physical space your company uses daily to conduct business is an extremely visual element of the branding puzzle that we as marketers are always trying to piece together. That space should be used as an influential billboard of sort to communicate your brand identity and create and experience for all who enter. The goal of environmental branding is for consumers to be able to draw a connection from your physical space to your product and back. A good way to achieve this task is to use dimensional branding in your retail store or corporate headquarters that truly speak to your current marketing campaign.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions: Sales Edition

We aim to help our customers become successful in the face-to-face marketing industry, knowing full well that knowledge is the key to this. The more you know, the more prepared you are to make the best decisions for your company and trade show program. In the initial phase of the quoting process, our sales people are asked a few of the same questions often, so we thought it may be good to go ahead and answer some of those for you.

2015 Annual Open House Recap

We had a blast and hope you had the chance to join us, but if you did not you are always welcome to tour our facility and see the great face-to-face event products we offer, anytime. We would like to thank our fantastic display and flooring partners, Moss Exhibits, Nomadic Displays and Brumark Total Flooring Solutions, who showcased some of their latest and greatest products for all types of face-to-face events.

Apple Rock Display's Annual Open House Event

Every year we enjoy inviting our current and hopeful clients to our headquarters in Greensboro, NC for an exciting Open House Event. This year is no different, expect the event will be larger than any we have done in the past. This year, we have invited three of our top vendor partners (no offense to our other vendor partners, we love you guys and think very highly of you, too). For this event we will be joined by Moss Exhibits, Nomadic Displays and Brumark Flooring. These terrific companies will be showcasing the latest and greatest face-to-face event marketing products to help ensure you trade show or other event will be a success.

Signs That It’s Time to Buy a New Trade Show Exhibit

We completely understand that the struggle of persuading upper management to spend money this time of year, is real. As the exhibit manager you know that your display is way past its prime, but convincing your boss that it is necessary to purchase a new one is next to impossible. So here you sit, hoping that it dies a horrible death in transit or some freak accident happens on the show floor crushing it into smithereens. Well, fear no more we are going to give you the top 10 signs that it is time to convince your boss the time to buy a new exhibit is now.

Collaboration is the key to Building a Successful Event Program

Here at Apple Rock we take the idea collaboration to heart. We have learned how to work together well by bringing several different departments together to complete a single build every day. Appling these lessons to working with outside ad agencies means that your event program will be that much more successful. We believe that success is inevitable when everyone is working together to achieve a common goal. The goal, in this case, is ensure your company’s marketing efforts are the same across the many different marketing channels. We don’t simply want to design fantastic exhibits or branded spaces for your company, we truly want to be a marketing partner to your company and ad agency. Contact us today to see how we can help make your marketing efforts successful through collaboration.

Faster, Better or Cheaper- Pick Two

All too often we speak with clients that decided to choose the ‘cheaper’ exhibit and were very unsatisfied with the quality of their display. When you invest in a trade show display keep in the back of your mind that you are investing in a multi-year experience, not simply a display. We think the quality of your display should be an important factor because the better the quality the easier it will be on you, for years to come. Sometimes when you choose the cheaper price tag it can be deceiving. The upfront price may seem like a great deal, but when you start adding the cost of the repairs you will have to make over the next few years and it could very well exceed the original price of the more expensive exhibit.

Are you Thinking About Breaking up With Your Current Display House?

There are many more questions you could ask to determine if your current exhibit house relationship is still the right choice for your company, however there’s no need to continue if you said no to one or more of these questions. Just like any separation in life it can be a difficult time full of questions that you simply don’t know how to answer and the need to make tough decisions about the future of your event marketing program. So what’s the best way to make the split as painless as possible? Of course it’s always easier said than done but the following tips should help make it easier.


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