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Using Hanging Structures in Corporate and Retail Enviroments

Hanging structures can be utilized in many different ways to bring make your brand fly higher. Although, they are still a great way to attract attention on the trade show floor hanging signs, aerial light boxes or life-size specialty items really make your branded environment stand out from your competitors. Here at Apple Rock, we are not only trade show display experts, we use the lessons learned in the trade show industry to create eye catching branded spaces that will resonate well with your customers.

Building Custom Furniture to Fit Your Corporate Space

Incorporating custom furniture allows your company to provide a brand-rich experience to any who comes into your establishment. Whether you are looking to up-fit a corporate or retail space, Apple Rock Displays has the skill set and resources to help you achieve all of your design objectives. We will work with you, your architect and or designer to create a cohesive experience to really leave a lasting impression on everyone that walks through your door.

The Role of Architecture in Branded Enviroments

The existing architecture plays a significant role in the space that is being transformed into an individual branded environment. All aspects of the building should be taken into account in the design phase in order to avoid costly changes down the road. Remember that the visual feel has an immediate impact of people entering your branded environment. Colors, textures and lighting evoke emotion and affect how people view your brand, company and product. A well designed branded environment will create a welcoming atmosphere of visual continuity throughout the entire space, accentuating the important elements that define the space

Why Use a Trade Show Display Company to Design Lobbies and Retail Spaces

The application of design, engineering and fabrication are the same or very similar whether we are constructing a temporary exhibit or a permanent lobby. A trade show booth or branded space tells your consumer what you want them to know about your company in the way you want to tell them With all the similarities between trade show exhibits and branded environments it makes sense that a full-service design house like, Apple Rock also specializes in corporate branded environments.

We Stop to Reflect and Share Our Thanks

Thanksgiving is the time of year where people pause for a moment, and reflect on what they are thankful for. We at Apple Rock followed suit and some of our employees shared what they like best about Apple Rock and what they are thankful for - fun job, hard working teams, good customers, and so much more. Here are a few quotes from the employees at Apple Rock.

Is Interior Design an Important element for Corporate Branded Spaces?

Why is interior design so important to the effectiveness of your branded space? Those answers are simple, your branded environment should not only tell a story, but it should also be comfortable and functional. There are a few components to interior design that have a tremendous impact on the how the space will be perceived.

Best Practices for Trade Show Booth and Exhibit Graphic Design

Apple Rock has a full-service design department that can work with you or your ad agency to quickly eliminate many pain points associated with converting traditional ads into large format graphics. We want to make sure your exhibit graphics are bold and creative, really standing out with clever designs and attention grabbing colors.

Manufacturing & Setup for Agencies for Trade Show and Conference Booth Design

How does your established corporate identity translate into the graphics, 3D forms and interactive elements necessary to draw the attention of attendees to your exhibit on the trade show floor? Your marketing and design team may have a vision, even a tight design, but the implementation of that vision is no small feat. Apple Rock can be the partner that helps brings that vision to life.


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